Auction Loan

Auction Loan Program

Veristone Capital’s auction loan program is available to investment buyers looking to purchase property at the foreclosure auction.

Due to the full up-front cash payment requirement at the time of auction purchase, Veristone Capital provides auction financing with low cash contribution requirements to help buyers acquire property.

Loan Parameters:

  • Minimum 15% Cash Contribution
  • Pre-Qualified by a Veristone Capital Preferred Lender
  • No Minimum FICO Required
  • Individual(s) and Business Entities are Eligible to Apply

Standard Investment Loan Terms line up with Loan Parameters:

  • 2-4% Origination Fee
  • 12% Interest Rates, Interest Only Payments
  • $600.00 Administrative Fee
  • 6 Month Loan Terms
  • 1% Extension Fee for 2 Additional Months
  • Loan credit on origination fees may apply


Veristone Capital offers four auction loan products. Our Same-Day Loan requires borrowers to repay the full principal balance of the winning bid amount by 4pm on Friday of the auction plus a 1/2% fee or $1,000, whatever is greater.

If you are interested in a specific property, please submit an Auction Loan Request and a Veristone Capital Representative will follow up with you within 24 hours.