Bridge Loans

No Appraisal Required
No Credit Minimum
No DTI Requirement
No Prepayment Penalty
Interest Only Payments

Veristone Bridge Loans

If time is of the essence for closing a short-term loan on an investment property, Veristone's Bridge loan offers unrivaled speed and flexibility to borrowers buying or refinancing a property.
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SFR (1-4 Units)
Manufactured Homes
Land (unimproved & improved)
Not all investment properties require a rehab component. Veristone's Bridge loan is perfect for borrowers who need time to "bridge the gap" before selling or refinancing the property. Our Bridge loan is also a great way for buyers to compete with cash offers in the competitive real estate market.
Why Choose Veristone's Bridge Loans Loans:
Loan terms from 1 month to 24 months
Up to 80% LTV
Seller carrybacks accepted
Cross collateralization available

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